Vulcan Hoop Earrings Gold
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Vulcan Hoop Earrings Gold

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The Vulcan Hoop Earrings in 18K Gold Vermeil are a textured hoop created using a contrasting polished and cross brushed finish, punctuated by custom bullet cut Garnets. Named after the ancient Roman God of fire, Vulcan, the Garnet details are representative of a flame and speak to passion, creativity and strength. The Vulcan Hoop Earrings are a striking interpretation of an everyday classic.


Stone Properties 

Garnet carries the essence of primordial fire stimulating feelings of vitality, confidence, and strength. Garnet harnesses the energy of Venus, fuelling the fires of passion and sensuality. It was also treasured by the ancients as a stone of protection.

* This item features a natural gemstone. Please note that there can be slight variations in the colour and texturing of each stone - which makes every piece unique.