The Artisan Storeroom – A Love Story

When Ben first spotted Lana in 2004, he knew he’d found someone he couldn’t live without. Eventually, Ben convinced Lana that she couldn’t live without him too, and they were married amongst the vines on the Mornington Peninsula in the autumn of 2008. What they didn’t know at the time was that their shared passion for a thoughtful, local (yet adventurous), slow and considered daily life would lead them to create a very special space that reflected those qualities – The Artisan Storeroom.

The Artisan Storeroom is inspired by something dear to the heart of Ben and Lana – the desire to live a life filled with only the best, as much as possible. The ‘best’ doesn’t mean the most lavish and expensive, or things in big quantities. It does mean those special pieces in our homes and people in our lives that spark joy, that reflect quality workmanship. It’s those gatherings of loved ones that are a feast for the eyes, belly and heart. It’s the table we sit at and the hand crafted plates we rest our slow cooked food on. It’s the mugs and wool rugs we cosy up on the couch with and the soft towels we take to the ocean on sunny or wintry days. The Artisan Storeroom is a place that gathers and curates a selection of the best. For you to have the best, too.

You’ll find Lana in the Storeroom most days (and our other valued staff!), and if you’re lucky, you’ll catch Ben hanging a new piece of artwork by a local artist. Stop by this warm and welcoming space any time of the year – they’d love to help you select something to create space for the best in your home.