Coconut Scourers
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Coconut Scourers

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Finally, plastic-free scouring pads! This four pack is the happy middle-man between a hard brush and a soft sponge, not too soft, not too hard but just right - the goldilocks of scourers you could say!

Plus, your dishes will be squeaky clean without having to resort to plastic products. Welcome our brand new home compostable coconut scourers! Did you know that conventional plastic scourers wash micro-plastics into the waterways?  Not a great outcome.

Ours are coated with natural tree rubber to hold the coconut fibres together. When you're done with them simply throw them in the garden for the worms to enjoy.

What you get 

4 x home compostable Coconut Scourers

Why we love them

Every conventional scourer on the market is made from plastic, breaks down and washes micro plastics into the ocean, but not this one! Made from Coconut fibre and natural tree rubber, it works really well and is home compostable.


Pop them in your garden or compost bin when you're done!

Will not scratch non-stick and delicate surfaces

Made from 50% Coconut fibre & 50% Natural Rubber Latex

Use & Care Instructions

Use the same as you would conventional scourers, they are designed to break down and decompose over time.


8cm x 10cm, approximately 7mm wide when dry

End of Life:

The coconut scourers are home compostable, when you're done with them simply throw them in the garden for the worms to enjoy. Tip: if you'd like them to break down faster, pull them apart or cut them up.

Caution: The coconut scourers contains natural rubber latex which may cause allergic reactions in those with sensitivities to latex.