Magical Mindfulness Cards for Kids
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Magical Mindfulness Cards for Kids

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This set of cards is a collection of mindfulness exercises for kids that has been offered generously by a hand selected group of psychologists, school teachers, meditation teachers and yoga teachers. Each card offers a unique way for kids to spend a moment to focus and find calm.

They are a wonderful mix of simple yoga , breathing, visualisation and gratitude exercises. Your child will find them fun and engaging.

We suggest reading and practicing these cards together with your children as a fun shared activity. Make them a part of your family’s everyday routine. Use them in the mornings, throughout the day and at bedtime and discover your favourites.

By establishing a regular mindfulness practice with your child, you will help them reduce symptoms of stress and anxiety, be less distracted, encourage a positive self-esteem and develop compassion for others.

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These cards are recommended for children four to 10 years old.