Batch Oval Platter - The Artisan Storeroom
Batch Oval Platter - The Artisan Storeroom
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Batch Oval Platter

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Globe dish, match to the Globe bowl.

Slipcast earthenware

h: 3cm l: 15cm w: 15cm


Batch# is an Australian ceramic design company that creates beautiful, functional tableware for your home. Designed and manufactured in Sydney by Joy Smithers, these pieces are individually created meaning that each is unique and no two items are the same.


Just as a chef will source ingredients from different regions considering rain fall and nutrients in the soil, Batch# uses a similar process in selecting their materials. Where the clay was sourced, the glaze ingredients and firing temperatures; add that together and each Batch# ceramic has it’s own character and is an original.


All ceramics are dishwasher proof and microwave safe.


We hope you enjoy your Batch# ceramic ware as much as they have enjoyed creating it for you.