Klaylife Ayiza Necklace - The Artisan Storeroom
Klaylife Ayiza Necklace - The Artisan Storeroom
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Klaylife Ayiza Necklace

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Drawing on African heritage and craftsmanship, each bead that makes up Ayize's Necklace is hand rolled by the women of Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa. Using raw clay, the beads are sun dried, kiln fired and dip dyed ensuring no two are the same. 



Available in 3 new colourways:



  1. 14K Matte Gold with Stone Clay Beads


  2. Matte Black Oxide with Grey Clay Beads


  3. Matte Rose Gold with Blush Clay + Stone Beads





·      Please remember your beads won’t be perfect circles and the colours may vary. Because the beads are porous, some will absorb the dye more than others. We have chosen to hand brush our metal to create the textured, imperfect  aesthetic  we strive for.